Sunday, January 25, 2009


The Anderson guys are really busting ass now. The plaster is done on two courts, and the flooring is pretty near finished on the first. After plastering, the guys worked on the flooring of court one. It's a pretty cool process. You may remember when we had the concrete floor put in, the concrete guys were told they have to be level within 1/8 inch over a 10 foot area. They did a pretty good job of it, but there are still some high and low spots.

The first thing the court guys do is shoot a grid of the entire court area. They put little dots every thirty inches and take a measurement on each dot to see how close they are to level. Each dot is assigned a measurement--0, 1, 2, or 3--which correspond with a certain thickness of rubber pad and shim.

After they get all the rubber pads figured out, they nail them to a section of wood and create a big lattice of wood on the floor, and then finally top it off with the top-grade maple, sand it with 40 grit paper to get a nice nap, paint the lines and we're good to go.

It's not the best description, but the point is, it's very time consuming, but the end result is a level floor that's nicely sprung.

Anyway, things are moving along really well with the courts. Apparently, our singer, Jordan, is hoping to be done with this job well in time for Valentine's day so he can head back to New York and to be with his sweetie. Isn't that nice?

Outside the courts, James, PJ and the Wyldewood crew are making great progress with the tiling, painting, and bar-like area behind the courts.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Two walls down. Ten to go.

Cool colors, eh? These are not your old man's squash courts.

By the way, that is not me singing in the background. It's Jordon, one of the Anderson Court guys. He'll be mortified to find out that I captured the dulcet tones of his voice.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Home Stretch

I was away for a few days and haven't seen the progress since last Wednesday. I walked in this morning and my jaw about hit the floor. All the lighting over the courts is up and on and it's SOOO bright. Almost all the painting is done and the colors looks fantastic--thanks to Alyssa at Destree Design Architects for her good color sense!

The crew from Anderson Courts arrived on Monday and began shooting a grid on the floors. The plasterer from England arrived today and they begin doing walls tomorrow. They will start and finish one wall per day. It's a wet-on-wet plaster technique that is a very labor intensive and very fast. Once they finish one layer, they start with the next layer directly on top of the previous layer while it's still wet. According to their specs, they use 4 to 5 layers of plaster. Anyway, the head plasterer used to do two walls per day, but he's getting on in years and only does one per day now. After they finish the walls, it'll take the guys about two days to install the flooring, then another day to install the glass wall and paint the lines on the floor.

Away from the courts, some finish work has begun on the bathrooms. Some tile has gone in the showers and the primer/texture is on the walls as well. The tile is really beautiful stuff and we're happy to say is a green product as well. It's some sort of Engineered Stone that is produced with minimal environmental impact. I'll get the name of it and post a link later. In any case, it's really pretty.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Moving along

The pace is picking up as the deadline for completion is looming. There is a lot of finish work to take place yet, but the work around the courts is progressing very well. HVAC stuff is nearly finished. The duct work mostly done over the courts save for cutting in a couple of vents. They also have some work left in the restroom and office area but other than that, HVAC is finished.

Anderson Courts sent their construction manager out today to take a look around before their crew arrives on the 19th. Everything looks good. He cleared up some questions in the shop drawings for the GC, took a bunch of measurements and checked for tolerances. This job site is a lot better than most. Thanks again to Wyldewood Construction, Feuling Concrete, and County Masonry for their good work.

If things continue to progress we'll likely be open by mid-February. More on that as we get closer.

Speaking of opening, we have a Grand Opening scheduled for the weekend of March 27. We've got a couple of teaching professionals, Brian O'Hora and Mark Heather, coming for clinics and an exhibition match. Brian, a strapping young man from Ireland, teaches squash at one of the premier junior programs in the United States at Results Gym in Washington D.C.. Mark Heather, of England, teaches squash at the University Club of Chicago and continues to play professionally on the PSA tour where he reached a high of no. 39 in the world as recently as 2006.

Both are great guys and good teachers. Mark your calendars. Come to the clinic. Watch the exhibition match. More details as we know them.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Squashstine Chapel

The ceiling is nearly done. While it's no Sistine Chapel, to me it's beautiful. The electricians are hanging the power lines for the lighting above the courts. HVAC guys are going hang the rest of their duct-work next week, and then next Friday we're scheduled to have the K-13 sprayed on the ceiling.

There's a crew there today hanging drywall in the office and durock in the changing rooms. That should be done by early next week and tiling will begin after that. The painter primed and painted the drywall above the court headwalls--this is the first official FINISHED item.

People, this is starting to look like something.