Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Warm up of the week

As promised on the MSW Facebook page, I'll be sharing some of what I learned at Train to Play this summer. I'll kick it off with some simple things you can do to actually warm up before getting on court. Most of us tend to hold up a wall and pretend to stretch cold muscles. Frankly, without actually moving, you aren't going to prepare your body for what you are going to ask it to do on the squash court.

So, try some of this stuff. Ask me to demonstrate. I don't mind looking a little silly.


Foreward/backward skips. Travel the width of two courts, and make the trip a couple of times.

Foreward/backward lunge walk. Step the right foot out bend at the knee 90 degrees, don’t hunch your back, keep your left leg as straight as you can. For extra credit, reach across your right foot and touch the floor. Switch legs and repeat.

Foreward/backward Crossover skips. Pretend you are skipping on a line. Cross your leading foot over the line by swiveling your hips.

Foreward/backward crossover lunge walk. Same as the skip--cross your lead foot over the center line, lunge and reach across and touch the floor. As you come up from your lunge, balance on the lead leg.

Side-shuffle with big arm swings: Shuffle laterally and swing your arms up and back. This is really silly looking.

Carioca lunge walk. Cross a leg behind and lunge, Reach across and touch the ground. Balance and cross a leg in front. Reach across and touch the ground.


Now you'll be sweating before you get on court. Enjoy!