Monday, February 22, 2010


A great time was had by all at the First Annual WinterFest Tournament. (We might have to come up with a better name for this...) Anyway, we had a small, but enthusiastic group of players including several from Milwaukee and Chicago.

In probably the largest SIZE difference ever to be seen on a squash court, Lara Vojnov (the short) defeated Geoff Garbacz (the very tall) in the 3.5 final. Both Lara's and Geoff's games are improving rapidly and I suspect we'll see them both contesting more matches in the 4.0 division next time.

Speaking of the 4.0 division, Nick Eugenio of Chicago took the 4.0 title from the very game Andrew Bayer of Oconomowoc. Nick, the young Chicagoan is getting back into squash after years of playing high school and college hockey. He's got tremendous fitness and speed and it proved too much for the experienced Bayer.

The 4.5 final was contested by ersatz Madisonian Jeff Hanson and another young Chicago player, Harry Goldstein. Harry did double duty in the 5.0 draw and the 4.5 and spent about 20 hours on court, but it didn't matter in the final here. Just too much speed and fitness for the wily veteran to contend with.

The 5.0 draw was a round robin contested by Sid Singh, Mike West, Harry Goldstein, and yours truly. Sid and I met in the final pairing, with neither of us dropping game previously. In three hard fought games, I came out the winner, making up for my defeat handed to me by Sid the previous weekend.

Next on the calendar will be the Club Championships in April! I'd love to see every club member get involved in this event as we will have 4 full divisions. I'll get that on the calendar soon.