Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2009 Madison Open Update

Things are progressing very nicely. The pro draw is available and we have a really strong draw for our pro tournament featuring two top US players as well as players from 14 other countries.

We're making headway with our Amateur tournament as well. Should be a great time. I spent some time in Chicago last weekend drumming up some interest in our tournament and I think we'll have a lot of folks coming up. I'm hoping to see some guys from the Twin Cities as well as Dayton, and maybe Cleveland. There was some talk of some folks coming from Washington D.C. as well.

For those of you traveling, we’ve been given a fantastic deal with the Quality Inn and Suites located 2 miles from the club. Rates are $89 a night for single, $99 for a double. Prices include hot breakfast buffet.

Mention our event to make sure you get this deal.
Quality Inn and Suites
2969 Cahill Main,
Fitchburg, WI 53711-7100
(608) 274-7200.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Professional Squash in Madison

Things are hotting up here in Madison. We will be hosting a professional tournament the week of October 19th through 25th.

We got on the PSA calendar on Friday of last week and as of today we have 25 entrants ranging from 55 in the World to 399th. It's pretty fascinating. Anyway, we're scrambling to set up accommodation and an amateur tournament as well. I'll blog a little about it as we go.

The tournament will be a $6000--it's a just a pittance for guys who are traveling around the globe to play squash. Even so, I'm amazed at the demand this kind of event creates.